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martha and hepsie are sisters with a passion for design! they’ve joined forces and put their sibling rivalry behind them (by martha living in london and hepsie in devon), to launch in march 2011.

martha is the youngest of the pair! after flirting with a business degree in leeds, she finally found her feet in design and specialized in printed textiles. martha graduated from nottingham trent university in 2008 with a ba(hons) in textile design. she now lives and works in london as a design and product coordinator within the textile industry.

martha finds inspiration in everything from her morning cuppa to a weekend walk in the park and in her spare time she sets to work designing and making in her little east london studio. combining her signature illustrations, a keen eye for colour and a vital injection of her northern humour, the little creations are born to join the martha and hepsie clan.

hepsie is the oldest and apparently a bossy boots! She graduated from brighton university in 2001 with a ba (hons) in fashion design and business studies. she now works full time as a marketing manager within the luxury goods industry and is a mum to two little ones aged 4 and 9months. based in devon hepsie is using her creative marketing skills and the occasional bright idea to shout to the world about


martha and hepsie have created an online store to showcase their portfolio and have grand plans to launch onto the highstreet. thanks to technology they are able to work from two very different places after they’ve finished their 9 – 5 jobs and have the odd business disagreement by text!

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Comment by on March 19, 2012 at 10:23

Hi Ladies,

I just checked out your site and it looks fab!

Your background sounds very similar to mine. I currently work as a Sales Manager in the Textiles industry as my 9 to 5 job although I am on maternity leave at the moment...due back in mid May after 13 months off:(

I have started an online shop called rhubarb fancy with the hope that I can leave my 9 to 5 job and have some more flexibility working for my self from home. It is tough getting a new business up and running whilst looking after a new baby. If you have any good suggestions for marketing these would be gratefully received as getting our name out there is tough?!

Anyway all the best with your new business.


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